10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Hey guys!

It’s been a minute since my last blog post, and since then I have some new faces around here. So I figured my first post after a long hiatus would be some fun facts you probably don’t know about me.

1. I’m double jointed
There are people who know this as it used to be my favourite party trick, but in recent years I’ve simmered down a bit and try not to immediately weird people out after meeting them with the way my fingers bend, or the way my arm turns all the way around.

For a good portion of my childhood and teen years I had a lot of fun figuring out all the weird things my hands, arms, and feet could do.

I’ll save you the gruesome details, but I will definitely show anyone who asks.

2. I can’t whistle
It’s true. It’s a tragedy and great mystery as to why, but I’ve never been able to figure it out. I’ve spent years longing for the ability to carelessly and freely whistle any tune my heart so desires, but alas, the universe had different plans for me.

Plans to make me some kind of weirdo who’s naturally musically inclined but can’t whistle to save her life. It’s fine, it’s cool. I’ve accepted it. Maybe “couldn’t whistle to save her life” will look good on my tombstone one day.

3. I have a big birthmark
Most people who know me personally do know this, I think. I spent many, many years desperately trying to hide the giant, dark brown birthmark that implanted itself directly in center of my calf, until I finally learned how exhausting it was. And hot. Super hot wearing jeans all summer while everyone else is prancing around in shorts or dresses.

Seriously though, when I was about 10-years-old or so I actually had gone to a doctor to see about having it removed. I was told that the scar would likely be bigger, and probably uglier, than what was currently on my leg, but that it was my risk to take if I chose to do so. Looking back I’m not actually sure that was true, but I kind of wonder if this doctor looked at this little girl willing to go under the knife for a birthmark and thought instead he’d convince me to accept myself as I am.

Obviously I didn’t have some serious revelation in that doctor’s office, but over the years I really did learn to just accept it. To own it. It’s a part of me, and it makes me a little more different than the next person. When I remember that time I feel a lot of gratitude toward that doctor and the favour he did me.

4. I work in the addictions field
I’ve worked in this field since I was about 22-years-old. I’ve loved it since day one, and continue to feel grateful to work in a field that is so often overlooked, misunderstood, and underappreciated.

I took a break for a couple of years after it all kind of becoming too much, and then ended up having a baby. I actually wasn’t sure that I’d ever go back, until an old friend of mine from my last job in the field reached out and said her current employers were looking for employees. I applied just to see what would happen, and I ended up getting that job.

I was really nervous to return, and actually had to come off of maternity leave a little early for the opportunity, but am so thankful for my decision to take this path.

Right now I work in a stabilization unit with substance addicted youth to help them stabilize and find resources/treatment options in the community, and feel like I serve a real purpose again.

5. I do almost everything last minute
Anyone who knows me will also know this. I am the worst procrastinator. I will push almost everything to the last minute, if I can. It’s almost like I need to live on the edge a little in order to feel that drive to get things done that some people I guess feel naturally… on their own. Imagine that. It’s like I need the suspense to make me interested… will she get it done on time? How will she do it? Stay tuned to find out.

This blog post is actually a really great example of this.

It also doesn’t help that this behaviour has always sort of been reinforced. I was one of those annoying kids that could write a paper the night before and get an A. Those types of things have always kept me convinced that I’ve got “lots of time” to get things done.

6. I have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet
I just don’t.

Does anyone? Can you help me? I need a tutorial please… or someone to come fold my laundry. Either will do just fine.

7. I’m very impulsive

Another one that people close to me should know, just based on the multiple hair colours I’ve had. Well the hair colour thing could also be argued to be some kind of coping mechanism to the things I couldn’t control from happening to me, but we won’t get into that. However, I will admit that purple hair therapy is the best kind.

A good portion of my decisions in life have been impulsive. Since having a baby I obviously have to operate a little more calculated as I have other people to consider in my decision making, but prior to this lifestyle I lived pretty randomly. I impulsively chose to apply to jobs in other provinces across the country, and jumped on the first opportunity that presented itself in Manitoba. Within 4 weeks of receiving the call I quit my job, packed up, and left all the people I knew and loved to start something new.

I used to be bad for impulsive shopping, too. And having online shopping as an option really does not help this problem. I’m just saying. But, again, being a mom means I have to be somewhat responsible, so my shopping impulses have calmed down in the last year or so.

8. I DON’T share food
Picture Joey on his date in that one Friends episode. His date reaches across the table nd steals a fry from his plate of food. All you see is a look of absolute shock, terror, and disgust painted over his face as he realizes that this girl is the worst kind of person; the kind of person who thinks they’re welcome to the food on someone else’s plate.

Don’t get me wrong, if we establish ahead of time that we’re going to share some appetizers, or I offer for you to try my food, go ahead. Fill your boots. But do NOT reach over and TELL me that you’re taking my food. I am not ok with that, and I never will be. I ordered what I ordered because I want to eat it, and I probably don’t want to share it unless I can’t fit a single extra crumb into my belly.

To me it’s no different than me walking up to you and helping myself to something in your purse and walking away.

As Joey would say, reaching onto my plate is a good way to lose some fingers.

9. My socks rarely match
They just don’t. Sometimes I have the patience to pair them together when I’m folding laundry, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have a full pair come out of the wash, and sometimes one of them is MIA so I tell myself I’ll match them up “later”. But guess what? “Later” never comes. I end up with a drawer full of floating socks, and most days I’m in a rush so I grab the first two similar socks I can find and throw them on.

This has been happening for most of my life, and is just another flaw I’ve come to accept.

10. I’m always late
With the exception of work, I am one of those people that is perpetually late. Always late.

Sometimes fashionably, and sometimes so late that I don’t know why people keep waiting for me. I was told that having a baby would make this worse, but really I’d say it’s about the same and I just have someone else to blame now.

I don’t really have an excuse for this, I just clearly have poor time management skills when it comes to being somewhere at the time that I’m supposed to be. It also doesn’t help that I’ve chosen a life partner who is just as allergic to being on time as I am.

So there you have it. Most of my flaws and weird quirks in a nutshell. There are more for sure, but I think ten is enough to keep you from completely backing away from me. Ii

Hopefully you learned something, and hopefully this wasn’t too painful to read.

I hope we can still be friends.

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