About Me

Welcome to A Little Jaded (& highly caffeinated).

I’m not sure how you’ve found yourself on my page, but in any case I am extremely happy to have you here.

As I am quite the scatter-brain, this blog isn’t about any one or specific topic. Here we will be exploring everything from mom-ing (if you will), to my favourite recipes, to topics like mental health and self-esteem.

As a 28-year-old first time mom, living away from all of my family and a lot of my friends, I’m constantly learning through my own experiences. My brain almost never shuts off, and my “therapy” has come through analyzing the world around me through those experiences, and putting those thoughts in black and white.

In 2015 I was brought on board Defining My Decade — a blog aimed toward twenty-somethings by a friend of mine — and started Coffee with Jade, a weekly interactive column about various topics, much like the ones we will cover here. This opportunity helped me find my voice, and developed a small following that really boosted my confidence. Sadly, my friend moved on to bigger and better things, and I’ve danced around with the idea of starting my own “thing” ever since.

So here we are.

I hope that through my words you can find what you need at this point in your life. Whether it be comfort, a little sense of self-worth, advice, or just words that resonate with you, I hope we can navigate through life’s ups and downs together.

If there is any content or topics you would like to see on this blog, please feel more than free to message me on any of my social media platforms, and I’d be happy to see what I can come up with.

Enjoy, and happy reading!