Look Good, Feel Good In PinkBlush

Look Good, Feel Good In PinkBlush

If you’re someone who knows me, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with fall time. Ok scarves.. I have a scarf obsession. But nonetheless, I love all things fall. Colourful trees, how the sky starts to kind of turn gloomy, all the fall treats, boots, and big comfy sweaters.

I know allll the women go nuts for fall time & pumpkin spice everything (sorry, but ew), but it really is the best time of year. Especially for shopping.

When I was pregnant last year, I used to spend so much time online window shopping at PinkBlush. It was a serious problem. Their dresses are absolutely breathtaking, and when I was pregnant dresses were all I really wore. I wasn’t much of an online shopper, though, at this time and was pretty skeptical.

Fast forward to now, PinkBlush has been added to my list of fall obsessions. Truthfully, just my obsessions in general. As a new mom I’ve had a hard time feeling comfortable & confident in my own skin. My body has changed in a number of ways, and PinkBlush clothing has helped me feel closer to myself again.

You all saw my dress that I posted a couple weeks ago? Ya. Amazing. It was so comfortable, and extremely flattering. It was a little heavier than I had anticipated, and is definitely something I’d wear to more formal occasions, but I like that you can dress it up for something real fancy or dress it down a bit for something a little more casual-feeling; an outdoor wedding perhaps. I feel so beautiful in that dress, and it really ignites the Disney Princess inside of me.

My most recent PinkBlush piece is this sweatshirt that I am absolutely enthralled with. I mean, look at it. It’s big and baggy, super soft, comes in a beautiful neutral colour (and other fun colours of you’re less boring than I), AND it has pockets. Ladies??? Most importantly, I once again feel extremely confident in this piece. It’s everything I was hoping it would be, and more.

I can’t even wait to order my next piece from them, and then go on another satisfaction-induced rampage to share with you.

If you aren’t already familiar with PinkBlush, you should do yourself a favour and check them out. Not only do they have everyday women’s clothing, but also a huge selection of maternity clothing. If you sign up with your email they also send wicked discounts on a regular basis.

PinkBlush and I have also teamed up for a giveaway, giving the lucky winner a $75 gift card to spend on anything you’d like in their shop! To enter go to my Instagram page (link below) and follow the instructions.

Happy Long Weekend! Soak up some rays, and maybe do a little shopping (*awkwardly winking*).

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