To The Man Who Holds Me Up

To The Man Who Holds Me Up

Thank you.

This new journey we have embarked on has been nothing short of crazy. The same could be said about my mental health at some points, too. But you… you have been nothing short of amazing.

While I can appreciate that it all hasn’t been perfect sunshine and rainbows, I mostly appreciate that you try your very best to get us back to a sunny place after the clouds have rolled through.

You take on so much inside and outside of our home. While there are days that I’m frustrated that you’re relaxing and I feel like I have a million things to do, I know that it’s because you work so hard. You work hard all day, and then you come home and continue to be the best partner and father that you can.

You support me, no matter what. You support any goal or vision I have, and you push me to go for the things that I want. You were a major driving force behind starting my blog again because you knew how much I love to write, and how much it helps me. You sort of tricked me into making healthy lifestyle changes postpartum because you knew how terrible I felt about myself. You’ve supported every career change I’ve made in the last few years, and have supported me through all the hardships I’ve faced in any job I’ve had. You’re always there, cheering me on, making sure I know that you have my back and that I can do anything.

You listen to me when I need to voice my concerns, my stresses and my worries. You try your best to understand what my brain is putting me through when I can hardly understand it myself. You listen to my needs when I’m struggling, and you do your best to meet them and help lighten my load. Where mental health struggles once made you uncomfortable, you now help me face them head on. You challenge me, support me, and help me to make sense of it all. And sometimes you just hold me when words are too heavy.

I know that I can trust you with anything. I know that even if there is judgment inside of you, your love for me transcends it all.

You make me feel safe. Like I’m home, wherever we are. I feel as though I’ve somehow created a shelter within you — a safe haven — that is my favourite place to retreat to when I’ve had a bad day.

You care. You genuinely give a sh*t about us, and you make sure we know it. All the small, and big, gestures you make show us how important we are to you, every single day.

You’re the greatest father. I mean that. The way our son looks at you when you enter the room says it all. You make him feel safe, too. You’re the greatest example of a gentle, loving, and kind man, while still being a beacon of strength for us, and there is no man I’d rather Carter grow up learning from. Nothing fills my heart more than watching both of your faces light up, and your spirit soar with pride when the two of you are together. Nothing makes me happier than knowing you’re going to be the father of all my children.

You’ve been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

While we may not be perfect, in any way, we do a pretty wonderful job learning together. Growing together. Adapting to this beautiful and slightly terrifying chapter of our lives together. We may not be perfect, but I know — without a single doubt — that you’re perfect for me, and the perfect father for our son and future children.

Thank you for giving me the kind of love that I never really thought was possible; the kind of love that I didn’t truly believe I deserved. Thank you for keeping my head above water on my worst days, and my heart completely full on my best.

Thank you for your hard work, your willingness to understand and work through anything, and for all of the unconditional love you give to both myself and our baby boy.

He is the luckiest little boy to call you “dada”. I’m the luckiest to call you my person.

We love you more than you’ll ever know. Absolutely endlessly.

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